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Content Area Reading, Writing, and Storytelling

Price: $45.00

A Dynamic Tool for Improving Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Through Oral Language Development
By Brian “Fox” Ellis
Content Area Storytelling provides educators with the compass and the road map in their search for best practices. A fun mix of research and practical application, each chapter includes easy-to-tell scripts for storytelling and classroom tested lesson plans. Though there may be other books that use storytelling to teach science or history, this manuscript is unique in its emphasis on content area reading and improving student test scores in reading and writing. It is also more accessible to teachers who may not feel confident in their ability to tell tales; storytelling scripts could be read aloud. And though each lesson plan is designed for a single class period, there is a scope and sequence within each section so teachers can easily build interdisciplinary storytelling units.

Read "A Hummingbird's Tale"

Read an excerpt of the lesson plan Rewriting Audubon

Paperback $45.00 (plus $2.00 shipping). ISBN: 9781591587019