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Learning From The Land

Price: $45.00

Written by Brian 'Fox' Ellis
Second Edition Illustrated by Vin Luong

Learning From the Land is an original set of science tales utilizing the power of storytelling to explore ecology's big ideas, providing extensive lesson plans with each story for maximum impact.

A cosmological journey through time... a trip into the microscopic world of molecules... the 8,000-mile, pole-to-pole flight of migrating shorebirds. Learning science process skills and the big concepts of science becomes much easier when lessons come wrapped in captivating adventures like these, important ideas about the natural world become much clearer as students are immersed in a sense of wonder.

Former teacher and acclaimed author Brian "Fox" Ellis is a master at using creative storytelling to open up the natural world to students. With this new edition of his highly praised Learning from the Land: Teaching Ecology through Stories and Activities, Ellis gives educators 12 captivating science-based stories as well as the supporting material they need to use those stories at a variety of learning levels.

This latest edition immerses students in both the process and the excitement of science. Ellis's original stories explore everything from the Big Bang theory to plate tectonics, from the water cycle to the food web, from forest ecology to animal intelligence. The accompanying lesson plans—all based on national standards—include tips for discussions, writing activities, mapmaking, storytelling, scientific observations, and other activities—everything teachers need to break through the walls of the classroom and immerse their students in the interworkings of the world outside.

Features: A dozen original tales that celebrate our relationship to the wild world through creative writing • More than 30 lesson plans for using the book's stories to the fullest, including separate plans for teaching each story to students at different levels • Dozens of original pen and ink drawings that illuminate the natural world • An annotated bibliography of books and websites for teachers and students, allowing further exploration of the ideas examined in the stories

Highlights: Makes abstract science concrete and understandable through stories with characters ranging from biological molecules to woolly mammoths • Provides expert advice to help any teacher become a confident and powerful storyteller • Offers lesson plans filled with ideas for stimulating environmental inquiry in and out of the classroom • Focuses on developing students' critical thinking and creative writing skills

Travel through time and enter the worlds of molecules and woolly mammoths through engaging stories that breathe life into the dry bones of geologic history. From plate tectonics and mineral cycles to metamorphosis and reproductive cycles, these stories, whether used for read-alouds or silent reading, make abstract scientific concepts concrete and palpable. Extension activities focus on scientific facts, concepts, and methodology. The integrative approach of hands-on science and creative-writing lesson plans helps students explore ideas and reflect the depth of their learning.

Follow this link to view the ecology Lesson Plans some of which are excerpted from this book.

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One word: WOW! This is THE ideal teacher's resource book for ecological studies in the classroom. A wonderful combination of folktales and environmental activities will keep your students "energized" for months. Tony Fredericks - Teaching Science

"This text encourages teachers to move science beyond the classroom and take their classes outdoors, introduces students to the spirit and science of ecology, and fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Reference and Research Book News

"Recommended for all levels. The basic concept is excellent, and presents a fresh approach to teaching science concepts and ecological awareness." Adventures in Storytelling

"Learning from the Land will give even the shyest of storytellers motivation to... tell the class a story. Whether you are teaching middle school or college, the lessons and activities can be modified for the appropriate grade. This is a book even Rachel Carson would have read to her son. This book is a keeper." The American Biology Teacher

$45.00 (plus $2.00 shipping).