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Singing Up The Sun

Price: $14.00

Singing Up the Sun, Swimming Through the Moon
New and Collected Poems by Brian “Fox” Ellis
Illustrations by Ram Lee

Singing Up the Sun is a celebration of our relationship to nature, while Swimming Through the Moon is an exploration of human nature. In the tradition of Mary Oliver and Gary Snyder, these poems move beyond the Romantic notion of using nature as merely a metaphor, they plumb the depth of inherent meaning found in the wild world. Like Dylan Thomas, this poet writes a poem every year on his birthday as an anchor in an ever changing world. Fox also enjoys playing with genre, so there are free verses, list poems, haiku, and a triolette. Poetry written over the past 30 years gives the reader a deeper view into the life of a poet’s evolution from idealistic youth through the land of dreams fulfilled into the ripeness of middle age.

Brian “Fox” Ellis has carved out a career that revives the ancient tradition of the Bard, Griot or Raconteur. He has been travelling the world collecting and telling stories for more than 30 years. He has published more than a dozen books and a dozen CDs of stories and poetry. He has written, produced and performed in several one man shows portraying historical scientists and authors, including Charles Darwin, John James Audubon, Edgar Allan Poe, and Walt Whitman. Fox is the artistic director and co-founder of Prairie Folklore Theatre, a touring company that celebrates regional history through musical theatre. He has helped to write and host a television series, “Tell Me A Story”, and recently finished his first documentary film, “Voices For the River”. This is his third book of poetry.

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