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Welcome to the enchanted world of Fox Tales International where you can purchase a book, a CD, or download a story instantly! Through whichever mode you choose, you will soon find yourself traveling back through time, entering the worlds of mystery and magic, or meeting the greatest minds in science, art, history and literature. If you would like Fox to autograph a book or CD please let us know to whom in the comment section of the checkout process.
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History ...In Person Pre-Order

Price: $50.00

You can pre-order a complete collection of more than a dozen History ... In Person! e-books, audio books, and videos for a deep discount. 12 e-books, 12 CDs & 12 DVDs all pre-loaded on one flash drive for just $50, plus $5 shipping and handling. (The regular price of this flash drive will be $100; if each CD, DVD, and book were purchased separately it would cost $540!). Purchase several flash drives as Christmas presents for all of your friends and family!

These maple-wood flash drives are pre-loaded with the video, audio, and e-book to plug and play in your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. There is extra memory for other uses. Please make your order today to receive this steep discount, and so I know how many to order!

What is a book? With e-readers, video on demand, and audio podcasts, our expectations for literature have changed dramatically. How do you build a book that works across media platforms making the great works of the past accessible to the technology of the future?

This is the goal of History... In Person! We are expanding the envelope for what a book can do in bringing science, art, history and literature to life through dynamic storytelling. Within the bindings of these books you can link to a ‘live performance,’ including video, text, audio and interactive lesson plans that bring you into the world of these great historical characters, allowing you to have an intimate encounter with some of the greatest minds in history.

Each medium offers different advantages that you can explore:

  • The E-book has timelines and a bibliography for further reading.

  • The Audio Book includes a dramatic interpretation of the text, music, and bonus tracks. TheVideoincludesa‘live’performance.

There are Lesson Plans for teachers and home-schoolers that integrate history and literature.

(This special offer ends November 25th. Flash drives will be delivered early in December.)



The following characters have been filmed, the text is edited, and audio book recorded. These History... In Person! books are in post-production, to be released in early November:

HISTORY: FOUR FRIENDS OF LINCOLN Fox portrays four different friends of Abraham Lincoln to give you a more intimate view of America’s favorite president:

  • Lincoln Tales Tall and True with Austin Guliher

  • Lincoln the Lawyer with Billie Herndon

  • General John “Black Jack” Logan

  • WaltWhitman'sLincoln

    SCIENCE: Explore the world of microbes and wooly mammoths, go bird watching with Audubon, sail the globe with Darwin, or discover new worlds with these intrepid explorers.

  • Adventures with John James Audubon

  • Charles Darwin and his Revolutionary Idea

  • Meriwether Lewis' Scientific Discoveries

  • Canoe Song: Travels and Travails of the French Voyager

    POETRY AND LITERATURE: Celebrate the power of the word to change the world!

  • Walt Whitman: A Song of Myself

  • Steamboatin’ Down the River with Mark Twain

  • WilhelmGrimm’sFairyTales

  • Saint Francis: Walking in the Footsteps of a Saint

    Here are a few more multi-media books that are in process, set to be released early next year:

  • The Ghosts of Edgar Allan Poe

  • Gregor Mendel: The Father of Modern Genetics

  • Prince Maximilian & Karl Bodmer: Touring the Wilderness of North America

  • John Deere: The History and Future of Agriculture

  • Civil War Ghosts and Legends

  • The Wendigo and other Native Spirits: American Indian Ghost Stories

  • Fun With Fables From Around the World

  • Speaking Truth to Power: True Stories of the World’s Great Peacemakers